Buy Recycled

3 Steps of Recycling
Taking recyclables to the curb or to a drop-off center is only the FIRST step involved in recycling. In order to make the system work, there are THREE steps that need to be followed in the recycling loop. On an individual basis, you can help with Step 1 and Step 3!

Step 1 - Separation & Collection of Materials
The FIRST step needs you to help! You can take recyclables out of the regular trash stream and put them in your curbside recycling bin for pick-up or drop them off at a local recycling center.

Step 2 - Processing & Remanufacturing
This step is performed by recycling processors and manufacturers, these companies pick-up recyclables, take them to market and turn them into new products

Step 3 - Buying & Using New Recycled Products
The last part of the loop is very important to the process because without it, recyclables that have been collected will have no where to go. By purchasing products made from recycled materials, you can increase the demand for such products. In turn, the increased consumer demand causes recycled goods' prices to decline and causes the recycled good market to expand. Buying recycled goods completes the recycling loop!
How to Buy Recycled
When shopping, look for items that are marked with 'made from recycled material'. Goods with a high percent of post-consumer waste have more recycled content than goods with a low percent of post-consumer waste. It is also important to buy items that are labeled 'recyclable' as well, this allows the recycling loop to continue.

Take a minute and look for items that are made of recyclables and are recyclable. If your local store does not carry these items ask the store manager to stock these items.

Note: You can complete the recycling loop simply by purchasing goods that are made of recycled and recyclable material.
Recycled Materials
When you take these materials to the GLRA, they are picked up by a processor and eventually turned into recycled products by a manufacturer:
  • Aluminum
  • Glass
  • Paper
  • Plastic
  • Steel
Examples of Recycled Products
  1. Building Materials
  2. Business & School Products
  3. Clothing & Accessories
  4. Household Goods
  5. Outdoor Products
  6. Promotional Items
Building Materials
  • Asphalt
  • Cabinetry
  • Fencing
  • Flooring
  • Insulation
  • Lumber
  • Matting
  • Nails
  • Paint
  • Roofing materials
  • Tiles
  • Wallpaper